Lamphead Drawings

Originally inspired by an old Russian fable and remaining hidden for many years, the Lamphead narrative developed as a hand drawn diary that, day to day for 15 years, helped me to relate to my inner emotional life.

The Lamphead world eventually came into physical reality via paintings and sculpture for others to engage with.

In the fable an old man and women are unable to function individually to achieve their goals. Their own shortcomings are each others strengths as the join forces to reach their destination.

The old man has a torch with it’s focused lens and only seeing into the distance causes him problems as he walked. On the other hand the old women’s lantern could only light up the immediate vicinity causing her to become frequently lost. Holding hands and sharing their lamps they became less inhibited, their lights showing the whole path to reach their goal in safety.

This story spoke directly to me about the isolating world of disability. The story clearly allowed me to see that through the openness of sharing skills and experiences, a great strength becomes available, helping individuals bring their unique qualities into the world.