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Living and working in South Wales, Joolz is an artist/maker who employs a diverse range of techniques and materials to express his personal cosmology.

Joolz originally served several apprenticeships in jewellery, furniture restoration and blacksmithing, and from a young age had a passion for fine craftsmanship. A BA in Craft and Design led to an MA in Contemporary Applied Arts in  2002.

Amongst other things Joolz was appointed artist in residence at Portsmouth University in (2007), delivered an intervention in Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall (2008) and had a number of Exhibitions both in the UK and abroad, all of which has led him to several Arts Council awards.

“For me, practice is about turning negatives into positives, overcoming the inherent traumas of an individual life. I am continually finding my own language to express such possibilities. Studying Bosch’s “Ship of Fools” became an unexpected turning point for me; the emptying of my own anger and I saw a truth: that through art, individuals can change the lives of others for the better. My work reflects issues relating to disability and rejects forms of institutionalisation. I work hard to express ways in which to help create a level playing field. This is a search for tools.The tools of personal empowerment and transformation”.